Wonderland Train

"To take you to places you may never wanna leave"

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Raiya~ <3
Ryutaro ish meaaaannn~! ><"
Pooor Chii!! At least he has Yuto AND Raiya. BOTH of the Nakajima brothers~ XZD

Thanks for visiting and reading XD
Yes, Chii has both of them!! How lucky C:

You're welcome~ X))
Ahaha.Yeaah~ YutoChii... This was my first time reading it~ Keeke^^ I usually read Yamachii~
But I guess.. I like both of them nowwww!!!!! XDD

I usually write YamaChii too, this is my first YutoChii fic but I like both pairings XD

I don't write YamaChii or YutoChii~
But I practically like Chii with anyone~ XD
I'm so biaaassssss~~
I only write OC fics~ :3

Ahh, I see...I might check out your fics later! XD
yes, yes, Chii! He is our iCHIIban ne~?
WAH! I'm an old man making puns!! DX =3

hahaha. Bewareee~ They're badddd~~~ X))
AHhahaha. That was funny though~ :P
Yeah, he is our iCHIIban. :3

EH? Never say that your writing is bad!
For me, all stories are good short/long chaptered/not
because it comes from your imagination and your creativity! So everything that comes from that is good XD

Haha. Okii~~
You have a good imagination~ (^_^)b
My imagination is crazy. XDDDD

I like crazy imagination!
That means your mind is never boring! ^^

I guess you could think of it like that. XDDD
But you know.. My little outbursts of laughter scare some people. :33

I've had that experience, but if I were there and you suddenly burst out laughing, I'd burst out laughing too!
hahaha =3

My parents just stare at me and think 'That's not my child..'

PS. I LOVE YOUR CHII ICON! I can't stop staring... :D

I'm sure they don't think that! haha

OH thanks I like yours too! Chii kawaii with his peace sign and that pout..*melts*

Oh, what can I call you :)) You can call me Sumiko-chan or any nickname you want XD

HAha. I'm pretty sure they do~!! Haha

Haha. His smile and everything is just *sighs*

I'm Hannah! You can call me anything! :3
hi Sumiko-chan~ Can I add you~? :3

Yeah you can add me! I'll add you too!

*sighs* Chinen is so cute...

Yoroshiku Hannah-chan!

Ok~! :DDD

He isss just adorable!

Yorushiku to you too, Sumiko-chan! :3

I never expect you'll write a yutochii fic, mi-chan.. :3

I totally hate Ryutaro here... :((

I guess Yuto just want to make Chii jealous, ne...
To see if Chii likes him too or not...
That's why he used Ryutaro...

YutoChii and YamaChii are my OTPs!!!!
=3 Don't hate Ryutaro that much though!

Thanks for reading Nee-chan! I'm happy you liked it!

I will never hate anyone of HSJ, ne...
I will just hate them for a while after I read the fic where they're become an antagonist character... =33

I like Yutochii too...
And it's because Hikari's "LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING"...
Her fic make me totally fall in love with this pairing...
Altough the main pairing is Tadaiki... :D

Oh, I know that story!!
And yes we can never hate any of them haha HSJ BIASED!

I love that story...
Especially yutochii rabu rabu...
It's so sweet, ne... ^^

Of course, we are HSJ BIASED... *holding your hands and make a circle with you*

Hai! YUTOCHII Rabu Rabu XD
*makes circle with you!*

hahaha Raiya is such an cupid here XD
great fic Sumiko chan :3

Arigatou ne Ren-chan! Glad you liked it!

Ryuu is really like a bad sis-in-law!! XDD
this is so sweet, I can't stop smiling while reading it.

otsukare. :D

Arigatou ne~! I am really glad you liked this story!!
Yes, Ryuu is mean in the story and yey for NAKACHII!!!

YUTOCHII!! You did it Mi-chan! You made your first YutoChii fic!

It was great! Raiya kawaii~!

Arigatou ne Yu-chan!
*off to read your update*

this is so cutee ^w^
Raiya is just adorable
and Yuto and Chii is just too cutee in here!!! ^w^
Ryutaro is so mean >:(
I really like this

Thanks for liking it! I'm glad you did! XD

Hehehehe... this is cute...
At first I was angry because Yuto defended Ryutaro instead...
But love the ending part... <333333333
I really like Yutochii here... >.<
And it's not a fail yo~

Nice one!!!

Thank you soooo much!!!
I'm glad you liked it =3

I love the Raiya x Yuri moments and then YutoChii is awesome!
Yuto and Ryuu seem weird to me... and then what happens to Ryuu.

Thanks for reading it!!!! I'm glad you liked it!
Ryuu...he's heartbroken

Go Raiya!!!!
Actually I hate the yuto here... =.="
but I can't hate ryuu.. >.<
poor chii.. I'll whack yuto over and over!!!! Groaaaarrrr
But chii is too kind ne.. glad seeing him had a happy ending.. XD
Nice, sumi-chan!!!!

Arigatou for reading it Iv-chan!!
yeah, when I wrote this I was a bit annoyed with Yuto because he's still growing taller.... -___-

I'm glad you liked it Iv-chan!

Yeah... He's growing taller!!! >.< in AI-ING it can be seen clearly.. T^T

kyaaa <3 love this <3333
nakachii <3

sweet gift in chii's birthday he he

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