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Raiya's Choice (One Shot)

Title: Raiya's Choice

Pairing: YutoChii, NakaTaro

Summary: Raiya always hated Ryutaro for becoming Yuto's boyfriend. Yuto never spent time with him, and Ryutaro was mean to him, that's exactly why he was thankful for his Nii-chan's best friend: Chinen.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot

AN: My first post in this pairing. I hope you like it  XD

(Raiya's Choice)

Nakajima Raiya, his name wasn't new to the JE world. Especially to those who knew Nakajima Yuto. Raiya was Yuto's younger brother, and Raiya loved his Nii-chan very much and that's exactly why he hated Yuto's current boyfriend...Morimoto Ryutaro.

No, the reason for Raiya's hate was not because he never spent time with him anymore...well okay maybe that was part of it, but the main reason is because Ryutaro doesn't like sharing Yuto and is rather mean to Raiya.

Raiya was currently watcing their rabu rabu from the living room. The two lovers were snogging each other like mad!

'Don't they need to breathe?!' Raiya thought, glaring at the couple.

As if hearing Raiya's thought, the two broke apart breathing heavily. Raiya rolled his eyes as Ryutaro leaned in to begin yet another snog fest. Raiya wanted to just push the little brat off of his Nii-chan's lap.

Just then, someone knocked on the door ending the snog session. Raiya was thankful for whoever decided to visit his house now. He, Raiya, walked over to the door and opened it. He was greeted by no other than his Nii-chan's best friend: Chinen Yuri.

"Hi Chinen-kun!" Raiya said, letting the other boy enter.

"Hey there Raiya-kun!" Chinen answered, giving Raiya a smile. Raiya returned the smile and cosed the door.

"Oi! Chii, what brings you here?" Yuto asked, not even getting off of the couch. Chinen turned towards him to answer, but stopped talking when he saw Ryutaro sitting on his lap, his lips swollen.

"It's the uhm...30th of November." Chinen answered, making Raiya look at him. It was his birthday? Huh...he must have lost track of the date.

"And...?" Yuto asked, trying to get the point of Chinen's sentence. Chinen gave him a frown, and Raiya could see the disappointed look on Chinen's face.

"I wanted to spen the day with Raiya-kun." Chinen just said, turning to Raiya and giving him a smile.

"Oh okay then, why don't you head up to Raiya's room then." Yuto said, turning back to Ryutaro and continuing there tounge battle. Raiya saw Chinen give a disgusted look and he tugged Chinen's hand. Chinen looked down at him and nodded his head. They both walked hand in hand to Raiya's room.

"Happy Birthday Chinen-kun." Raiya said, as they both entered his room. Chinen gave him another one of his heart meting smiles.

"Thanks Raiya-kun, it's nice to know you remembered my birthday." Chinen answered, sitting down on the latters bed.

"Sorry about Nii-chan Chinen-kun, he's been like that ever since Morimoto-kun got together with him." Raiya said, sitting beside Chinen.

"I know" Chinen said, ruffling Raiya's hair. Now Raiya wouldn't usually let anyone mess up his hair, but since it was Chinen he'll allow it. He always liked Chinen. He was nice and he liked to play with him. This chinen beside Raiya, however, was nothing like the old one. Yes, he was still kind, but the happiness in his eyes was gone. It was just blank and lifeless.

"Let's play Raiya-kun!" Chinen now said, making Raiya nod. He took out his game console and took out two controllers. He offered one to Chinen and he gladly accepted. Raiya put on a racing game and they both started to play.

As the game progressed, Raiya was winning. He knew Chinen was letting him win, but he didn't care. When he crossed the finish line, Chinen groaned.

"You beat me again Raiya-kun!" Chinen said pouting. Raiya laughed at the older one's antics.

"More like you let me win." Raiya said, maing Chinen smile.

"What's the point if you know I let you win?" Chinen asked, pouting once again.

"Thanks anyway Chinen-kun!" Raiya said, giving Chinen a hug. Chinen laughed and hugged the little boy. Raiya always wondered how it would be like if Chinen was his Nii-chan's boyfriend instead of Ryutaro, he was sure it would be 10x better.

"Chinen-kun?" Raiya said, gaining the olders attention.

"Hmm...?" Chinen responded, letting go of the little boy and giving him a questioning look.

"Do you like my Nii-chan?" Raiya blurted out, shocking Chinen. Raiya saw the conflict in Chinen's eyes. He was thinking of wether to tell him the truth or not. In the end, he decided that he would tell the truth knowing that his feelings would probably lead to nowhere anyway.

"No, I don't like him." Chinen answered, honestly.

"Please don't tell me this is one of those,' No, I don't like him, I love him' things?" Raiya said, making Chinen laugh.

"But you know it's true Raiya-kun." Chinen said, and Raiya noticed that Chinen was really sad. He hugged Chinen once again, trying to comfort him.

"Then why don't you confess to him?" Raiya asked, and Chinen just shook his head.

"Because he loves Ryuu-kun." Chinen answered, and Raiya pushed him away.

"But, you love him more than Morimoto-kun! And you're nicer, and smarter, and you wouldn't be mean to me!" Raiya shouted, shocking Chinen.

"What so you mean, mean to you? Is Ryuu-kun mean to you?" Chinen asked, and Raiya was shocked that he actually told Chinen that.

"No..." Raiya said, trying to gain control of the situation.

"Nakajima Raiya, tell me the truth." Chinen said, and Raiya knew he was serious. He never used his full name unless it was serious.

"Well...he always tell me to stay away from Nii-chan and he always call me a brat and..." Raiya was saying, but before he could finish, Chinen had already walked out of his room. Raiya ran down the stairs following Chinen. He noticed that he was walking to the living room.

When Chinen entered the living room, he immediately split the couple apart and stood Ryutaro up. When Ryutaru was up, Chinen gripped him by his collar, even if Ryutaro was taller than him.

"What right do you have to be mean to Raiya-kun?!" Chinen shouted, shocking all three of the people present in the room, yes Raiya was in there now as well.

"What are you talking about?" Ryutaro asked, pushing Chinen away.

"He just told me that you've been treating him wrong! What right do you have to tell Raiya-kun to stay away from his Nii-chan?!" Chinen shouted back.

Yuto watched the scene unfold and the anger inside him started to build up. Sadly it was sent to the wrong person.

"CHII! That's enough! Let go of Ryuu-kun!" Yuto shoted, pushing Chinen further away from Ryutaro. Ryutaro just smirked as he knew that Yuto would take his side. Raiya just watched in horror.

"What the hell?! I'm the one protecting your brother and you take his side?!" Chinen asked, making Yuto angrier.

"I can't believe you would make up such a story Chii! If you wanted to spend time with me you could have just asked! You didn't need to drag Rai-kun and Ryuu-kun into it!" Yuto shouted back.

"This isn't about you! This is about your boyfriend saying horrible things to Raiya-kun!" Chinen shouted back, and Yuto just shouted back.

"GET OUT CHII! Don't come back here till you can apologize to all three of us!" Yuto shouted, pointing towards the direction of the door. Chinen stared in disbelief as Yuto did this. He glared, and walkde towards the door, but before he could leave, Raiya wrapped his arms around Chinen's waist.

"Don't leave Chinen-kun." Raiya said, and Chinen turned towards him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't make him believe me Raiya-kun, but when you feel lonely just call me okay?" Chinen said, releasing Raiya's grip and leaving the house. When the door closed, Raiya turned to his brother and his brother's lover.

"Why did you do that Nii-chan?!" Raiya asked, shocking Yuto.

"Didn't you hear the lies he was saying? He deserved it!" Yuto answered his ototou. Raiya gave him a glare before speaking once again.

"Why do you always think that Morimoto-kun could do no wrong? Chinen-kun has been your friend since you were kids, but all those years of friendship was nothing the moment you got together with him!" Raiya was now pointing towards the direction of Ryutaro.

"Why you little brat!" Ryutaro said, walking up to Raiya and forgetting that Yuto was in the room.

"What are you gonna do? Hurt me? Don't worry you've already done it. You changed my Nii-chan into someone else. As far as i'm concerned that guy isn't my Nii-chan!" Raiya answered, walking out of the living room, but before he completely left, he decided to tell Yuto the real reason why Chinen was here.

"By the way, today is Chinen-kun's birthday and you just broke your promise of spending the whole day with him." Raiya said, now truly leaving the leaving room.

When Raiya left, Yuto sat down on the sofa, followed by Ryutaro.

"I wonder what got into that brat." Ryutaro said, making Yuto turn to him.

"Stop calling him a brat." Yuto said, making Ryutaro look at him.

"But he is a brat, a big one." Ryutaro answered, making Yuto turn to him with a glare.

"Can you leave now Ryuu-kun, I'm tired." Yuto said, and Ryutaro just huffed. He stood up and banged the door as he left, leaving Yuto to his own thoughts. Yuto decided that he had to patch things up with Raiya before anything else. He walked up to Raiya's room and knocked.

"If your Nii-chan you can't come in!" Raiya shouted through the door.

"Rai-kun! We need to talk!" Yuto shouted back.

"NO! Not until you say sorry to Chinen-kun!" Raiya shouted back, making Yuto groan.

"Why?" Yuto asked the younger boy.

"Because you forgot his birthday, because you hurt him, because he loves you." Raiya answered, shocking Yuto. 'Chinen loves me?' Yuto asked himself. He decided to disobey his brother and enter the room anyway.

"What do you mean Chii loves me?" He asked his younger brother, who was shocked at the presence of Yuto in his room.

"I told you not to enter...!" Raiya was saying, but Yuto cut him off.

"What do you mean Chii loves me?" Yuto asked again, making Raiya glar
e at him.

"He told me that he loved you, but he couldn't tell you because you were in love with Ryutaro." Raiya answered, making Yuto bow  his head.

"That baka" Yuto started, his lips curving into a smile. "Rai-kun, i'll be back later. Can you take care of yourself?" Yuto asked.

"You better get him a pretty good gift to earn his forgiveness." Raiya said, finally happy that his Nii-chan realized something.

"Don't worry, I got a pretty good idea." Yuto answered, walking out of the room. If he just stayed for a few more seconds, he would have seen the smirk that appeared on Raiya's face.


Yuto ran as fast as he could, hoping that he could catch up with Chinen. He continued to run and when he saw Chinen's back, he ran faster. When he was finally able to catch up to Chinen, he took hold of his arm, turned him around and planted a kiss on his lips.

Chinen was shocked as he realized what was happening. He immediately pushed Yuto away and rubbed his lips. "What are you doing?!" Chinen asked.

"Apologizing?" Yuto answered, giving Chinen a smile.

"Wait! What about Ryuu-kun, and Raiya-kun, and how are you sure that, THAT would make me forgive you?!" Chinen answered, making Yuto laugh.

"I'll break up with Ryuu-kun, Rai-kun will forgive me if you do, and I know because you love me and I love you too." Yuto answered, trying to get nearer to Chinen.

"How are you sure I love you?" Chinen asked, stepping away.

"Raiya told me!" Yuto said, still advancing towards him.

"And you would believe him because...?" Chinen said, walking back into a wall.

"Rai-kun never lies." Yuto said, again slamming his lips onto Chinen's. Chinen's smiled into the kiss and returned it. When they broke apart, Chinen looked at him with a smile.

"I forgive you, but if you allow anyone to hurt Raiya-kun again I will leave you." Chinen said, making Yuto laugh.

"No wonder Rai-kun wants you with me. You spoil him!" Yuto said, wrapping Chinen in a hug.

"Who else will do it if you don't?" Chinen answered, and they both laughed.

"By the way...Happy Birthday."

AN: I have a feeling this is a fail, Feel free to read and comment

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Raiya~ <3
Ryutaro ish meaaaannn~! ><"
Pooor Chii!! At least he has Yuto AND Raiya. BOTH of the Nakajima brothers~ XZD

Thanks for visiting and reading XD
Yes, Chii has both of them!! How lucky C:

You're welcome~ X))
Ahaha.Yeaah~ YutoChii... This was my first time reading it~ Keeke^^ I usually read Yamachii~
But I guess.. I like both of them nowwww!!!!! XDD

I usually write YamaChii too, this is my first YutoChii fic but I like both pairings XD

I don't write YamaChii or YutoChii~
But I practically like Chii with anyone~ XD
I'm so biaaassssss~~
I only write OC fics~ :3

Ahh, I see...I might check out your fics later! XD
yes, yes, Chii! He is our iCHIIban ne~?
WAH! I'm an old man making puns!! DX =3

hahaha. Bewareee~ They're badddd~~~ X))
AHhahaha. That was funny though~ :P
Yeah, he is our iCHIIban. :3

EH? Never say that your writing is bad!
For me, all stories are good short/long chaptered/not
because it comes from your imagination and your creativity! So everything that comes from that is good XD

Haha. Okii~~
You have a good imagination~ (^_^)b
My imagination is crazy. XDDDD

I like crazy imagination!
That means your mind is never boring! ^^

I guess you could think of it like that. XDDD
But you know.. My little outbursts of laughter scare some people. :33

I've had that experience, but if I were there and you suddenly burst out laughing, I'd burst out laughing too!
hahaha =3

My parents just stare at me and think 'That's not my child..'

PS. I LOVE YOUR CHII ICON! I can't stop staring... :D

I'm sure they don't think that! haha

OH thanks I like yours too! Chii kawaii with his peace sign and that pout..*melts*

Oh, what can I call you :)) You can call me Sumiko-chan or any nickname you want XD

HAha. I'm pretty sure they do~!! Haha

Haha. His smile and everything is just *sighs*

I'm Hannah! You can call me anything! :3
hi Sumiko-chan~ Can I add you~? :3

Yeah you can add me! I'll add you too!

*sighs* Chinen is so cute...

Yoroshiku Hannah-chan!

Ok~! :DDD

He isss just adorable!

Yorushiku to you too, Sumiko-chan! :3

I never expect you'll write a yutochii fic, mi-chan.. :3

I totally hate Ryutaro here... :((

I guess Yuto just want to make Chii jealous, ne...
To see if Chii likes him too or not...
That's why he used Ryutaro...

YutoChii and YamaChii are my OTPs!!!!
=3 Don't hate Ryutaro that much though!

Thanks for reading Nee-chan! I'm happy you liked it!

I will never hate anyone of HSJ, ne...
I will just hate them for a while after I read the fic where they're become an antagonist character... =33

I like Yutochii too...
And it's because Hikari's "LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING"...
Her fic make me totally fall in love with this pairing...
Altough the main pairing is Tadaiki... :D

Oh, I know that story!!
And yes we can never hate any of them haha HSJ BIASED!

I love that story...
Especially yutochii rabu rabu...
It's so sweet, ne... ^^

Of course, we are HSJ BIASED... *holding your hands and make a circle with you*

Hai! YUTOCHII Rabu Rabu XD
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hahaha Raiya is such an cupid here XD
great fic Sumiko chan :3

Arigatou ne Ren-chan! Glad you liked it!

Ryuu is really like a bad sis-in-law!! XDD
this is so sweet, I can't stop smiling while reading it.

otsukare. :D

Arigatou ne~! I am really glad you liked this story!!
Yes, Ryuu is mean in the story and yey for NAKACHII!!!

YUTOCHII!! You did it Mi-chan! You made your first YutoChii fic!

It was great! Raiya kawaii~!

Arigatou ne Yu-chan!
*off to read your update*

this is so cutee ^w^
Raiya is just adorable
and Yuto and Chii is just too cutee in here!!! ^w^
Ryutaro is so mean >:(
I really like this

Thanks for liking it! I'm glad you did! XD

Hehehehe... this is cute...
At first I was angry because Yuto defended Ryutaro instead...
But love the ending part... <333333333
I really like Yutochii here... >.<
And it's not a fail yo~

Nice one!!!

Thank you soooo much!!!
I'm glad you liked it =3

I love the Raiya x Yuri moments and then YutoChii is awesome!
Yuto and Ryuu seem weird to me... and then what happens to Ryuu.

Thanks for reading it!!!! I'm glad you liked it!
Ryuu...he's heartbroken

Go Raiya!!!!
Actually I hate the yuto here... =.="
but I can't hate ryuu.. >.<
poor chii.. I'll whack yuto over and over!!!! Groaaaarrrr
But chii is too kind ne.. glad seeing him had a happy ending.. XD
Nice, sumi-chan!!!!

Arigatou for reading it Iv-chan!!
yeah, when I wrote this I was a bit annoyed with Yuto because he's still growing taller.... -___-

I'm glad you liked it Iv-chan!

Yeah... He's growing taller!!! >.< in AI-ING it can be seen clearly.. T^T

kyaaa <3 love this <3333
nakachii <3

sweet gift in chii's birthday he he

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